Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Check your investments!

Last week a minister mentioned something at a funeral service that I've thought quite a bit about. He talked about how the deceased had invested of herself.

In our current economy there's a lot of talk about investments. Losses in 401K's, uncertainty of market, and opinions by the dozens.

Might I share my thoughts on investments? Investing requires a plan. It involves discipline and takes sacrifices. You often begin small and gradually increase your contributions. The right investments pay terrific returns.

Recommendations for investments: Family, Children, Friends, Relationship with God.

So, although monetary investments may be shaky right now, focus on investments that are a sure thing! The benefits are phenomenal!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

I love this time of the year! Although it's extremely busy, I thrive on the excitement of lights, decorations, family time, church programs, anticipation on children's faces, get togethers with friends...... whew! Did I mention busy?

As a christian, I believe the adrenaline rush comes from being in relationship with the one who's birthday initiated CHRISTmas. Christ Jesus is what the season is about. As we focus our attention on Him, our hearts can't help but be full of His love. The season of giving takes on a purer meaning. Giving of our means to those less fortunate, giving of our time to our loved ones, giving of our hearts to the King of kings and giving of our service to His kingdom work.

I was blessed this past weekend to experience a wide spectrum of the Christmas season. I went on a quick (30 hr) trip to New York with my daughters, granddaughter, sister in law, nieces and friends. We had a blast touring the Big Apple decorated for the season, taking in as much as we could, Statue of Liberty, Rockafeller Center, Time Square, Grand Central Station, window displays, etc. We enjoyed laugther, a subway ride, answered prayer for a sick bus, and a miracle of 5th Ave!. After experiencing a wonderful presence of God at church, Larry and I went to Williamsburg to our first attendance at the Grand Illumination. Just as in NY, there was a huge crowd of people. And just as in NY, we witnessed people that are focusing on the true meaning of Christmas. A live nativity scene in the center of Time Square and groups of church kids carolling in Williamsburg Market Square.

Larry and I stayed overnight (got caught up on sleep) and spent the day today finishing our Christmas shopping for our family. I love to bargain shop and I love to buy for my family. God blessed me with both today:-)

It will be a busy month from here on out, but I pray God will allow me to keep perspective and focus on the true meaning of this wonderful time so that He will receive all glory.

Monday, December 1, 2008

It's all about Him

Nothing is clearer to me than the fact that it is 'all about Him.' Acts 17:28a 'In Him we live and move and have our being.'

What an awesome opportunity we have to live in relationship with the Great I Am, to dwell in His most secret place and to share in His richest blessings.

Each day I recognize how small and insignificant I am, yet He allows me to walk beside Him. I live to bless His name and bring glory to Him in my daily walk.

My prayer today: May I decrease that You, oh God, may increase in every area of my life. Bless Your name forever!